How may the library help you?

In the past, the role of the library was clear: if you needed a book or access to a database, the library was the place to get it. But what can the library do for the digital humanities?

In this session, I can talk about the services and tools our library currently offers. Other may have examples of what they’ve seen elsewhere.  But most of all, I want to hear what you would like us to do. Should the library offer consultancy? Tools? Hosting for project websites? Or maybe you just want a space where your group can meet and work together.

A little background: our library (at Utrecht University) calls itself “Partner in science”. We have already developed some tools that our researchers can use, but we are always looking for new things to offer. And we believe that the best way to find out what scholars need, is to ask them. So if you ever thought “I wish the library would do X”, then this is your chance.

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