Session Proposal (Talk): Crowd-Sourcing the Scholarly Edition

One of the shortcomings of many digital editions is that they replicate the hierarchical relationship between editors/academics and reader/enthusiast. How can a digital edition encourage productive editorial input (transcribing, encoding, tagging) from its users to produce a scholarly edition capable of evolving with the needs of its multiple users and user communities?

Edgar Allan Poe is a good example as his works are widely read by a global audience that includes professors, students, horror & science fiction fans, and general readers alike. How these users work together in constructive ways to produce a more usable and extensible version of the best known web site dedicated to Edgar Allan Poe – The Edgar Allan Poe Society of Baltimore?

This Talk session will explore the challenges, rewards, and logistics of global, digital collaboration on the editing of scholarly editions of literary texts.

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About Les Harrison

I am an associate professor in English specializing in nineteenth-century American literature and culture. I am conversant with the field of the digital humanities, although I have not, yet, made a substantial contribution to any existing digital humanities projects. This is my first THATCamp.