Omeka: bridging the gap between online sources and research?

When I look at the internet I see lots of online source collections but hardly any narratives that contextualize them. On the other hand I see researchers wrestle with alternative ways to present their work. It seems like both sides – the heritage institutions who hold the key to the collections and the research institutions who hold the key to the narratives – have something to gain in working more closely together.

An open platform that makes it possible to collect/present collections as well as the context and narratives that surround them is Omeka, made by the Roy Rosenzweig Centre for History and New Media. Recently I used it for and before that for During this session I will present the basic workings and different types of use of Omeka holds for researchers, educators and heritage workers. We can talk about the pro’s and con’s of this platform and wither or not it holds some solutions to bridge the gap between collections of sources and research presentation.

I’m also interested in the ways you present your research and/or sources. Do you use alternative platforms that manage to integrate research and sources, narratives and collections?

Cee you in two weeks!Fien

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