Luis Miguel Girão


Luis Miguel Girão founder of Artshare, a research company focused on the development of technologies through artistic practises, is a transdisciplinary artist and researcher in the application of technology as a tool for artistic expression. He is a PhD Candidate at the Planetary Collegium and Master of Arts in Design and Digital Media. His main research subject matter is the development of new interfaces for audiovisual expression, at the moment focusing on bioelectromagnetics . In 2007, he was awarded the Bolsa Ernesto de Sousa prize that allowed him to do research and present results at the Experimental Intermedia Foundation, in New York City. He collaborated with several artists and his work has been presented in countries such as USA, Canada, Germany, Denmark, Brasil and China. He is expert in New Media for the INOV-ART program, of the Secretary of State of Culture, Portugal, as well as for the European Commission. He coordinated a series of workshops on Digital Art & Design for the Academia das Artes Digitais of the Aveiro Digital Programme, and he was assistant curator and technical director of the Electronics Art Lab at the Bienal Internacional de Cerveira, Portugal. He coordinated the project. He is collaborating with DG CONNECT in the crossings of ICT and ART in the context of which he participated in a workshop at Berlaymont, EC, Brussels, in April 2012. He was also part of a panel entitled "Portugal, Europe and the World", at the University of Oporto,in December 2011, in the context of the Digital Agenda for Europe.