This is the end of THATCamp Ghent 2013.

A BIG thank-you to all #tcghent campers for your engagement, interest and participation!

All sessions already have plenty of notes with references, etc… via TitanPad (see schedule). Together with the pictures and the tweetstream they document this memorable first ever Belgian THATCamp.



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Finished Schedule

See the finished schedule.

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THATCamp Ghent has started!

The scheduling session is on the way.

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Session Proposal (Talk): Crowd-Sourcing the Scholarly Edition

One of the shortcomings of many digital editions is that they replicate the hierarchical relationship between editors/academics and reader/enthusiast. How can a digital edition encourage productive editorial input (transcribing, encoding, tagging) from its users to produce a scholarly edition capable of evolving with the needs of its multiple users and user communities?

Edgar Allan Poe is a good example as his works are widely read by a global audience that includes professors, students, horror & science fiction fans, and general readers alike. How these users work together in constructive ways to produce a more usable and extensible version of the best known web site dedicated to Edgar Allan Poe – The Edgar Allan Poe Society of Baltimore?

This Talk session will explore the challenges, rewards, and logistics of global, digital collaboration on the editing of scholarly editions of literary texts.

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Practical Info

Dear Campers,

We look forward to welcoming you in the lovely city of Ghent for THATCamp Ghent on Tuesday May 28th, 2013. Here is some last minute info on some practicalities.


…. is still possible via the THATCamp website till Monday 27th May, 6 pm! Why don’t you join us? It’s free. And one of our groundrules is ‘have fun’. What more could you possibly want?


For the people who have registered via the ELAG conference site: there has been a slight but important schedule change. THATCamp Ghent will start at 9:00 am instead of 10:00 am. See and our schedule.


Session proposals can still be posted on our site via the WordPress dashboard (Posts > Add New). Log in with your personal password & ID. See what others have posted already here.

You can check the temporary schedule. After the scheduling session in the morning, the final programme will be announced on the site, through our Twitter account @tcghent (#tcghent) and of course at the venue itself.

During the sessions, campers are strongly invited to take public notes on Titanpad per session. That way people who are not attending THATCamp Ghent will also be able to see what is being said.


Please feel free to take a little time to update your profile through the same WordPress dashboard (Users > Your Profile). Remember, it is fun to see who you will meet in person next Tuesday!


Bad news: spring is absolutely refusing to come to Belgium. We’ve been having the same drowsy weather for weeks: around 14 °C , showers, wind, sometimes a bit of sun, and there doesn’t seem to be much improvement on the way next week. So be prepared …


THATCamp Ghent will take place at the Zebrastraat Conference Rooms , (ZEBRASTRAAT 32 9000 GENT). On the ELAG website you’ll find a city map with all relevant locations and info re transport.

Social Media

The official THATCamp Ghent twitteraccount is @tcghent . Don’t forget to use the hashtag #tcghent (also when using Instagram, Flickr etc. …) or the general #THATcamp


Due to the participation of international campers, most communication and sessions will be in English. Sessions that are attendend only by Dutch speaking participants can however be held in Dutch, if so preferred.


A free sandwich lunch is available, as are coffee and drinks in between sessions, sponsored by the Faculty Library of Arts & Philosophy UGent

Social Events

On Monday 27th in the evening, some people that registered via ELAG or Open Aire/LIBER workshop are attending a guided tour through Ghent and an informal group diner. Take off is planned around 6 pm at Zebrastraat.

On Tuesday 28th, at 6 pm all Campers are warmly invited to the official opening reception of the ELAG 2013 conference at Zebrastraat as well. It’s an ideal moment to mingle with other international researchers working on closely related subjects (open access, open data, humanities computing, etc…).

Safe travels, and see you soon!

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Integrating education and research

How to integrate the existing formats of education in the humanities (e.g., examinations, assignments) with ongoing research projects?

In my teaching of theoretical courses at art colleges in Antwerp, I have experimented with both very strict forms (digital submissions, data collection) and more free-form methods (collaborative translation). Both, however, have distinct advantages and disadvantages.

My question for THATCamp Ghent is: how can research projects be integrated into conventional Ba and Ma courses? How to set up a digital system so that it enables students to collaborate in ongoing research, but at the same time facilitates student evaluation?

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Using digital tools and resources for educational purposes

If scholarship is constantly changing as a result of new digital tools, resources and methods, why shouldn’t academic education evolve along? This session will concentrate on the usefulness of integrating digital tools and digitised (re)sources in academic trainings and courses (Bachelor and Master). By way of introduction, some applications that already serve as a pedagogic tool within the Faculty of Arts and Humanities will be clarified and discussed.

Subsequently both lecturers and instructors, students and other participants will be invited to share their own experiences about the opportunities and limitations they are faced with during their digitally supported teaching and learning process, and to take part in the discussion on the expectations, needs and requirements for the development and management of digitally based educational support in general, and virtual learning environments in particular.

We hope to meet you on Tuesday,
Els and Nina

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Manuscript description and the possibilities of digital editing with TEI-conformant XML

Recently I was lucky to get a bursary to attend a specialist training at the Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin in codicology, the study of manuscript books as material objects, and the use of TEI-conformant XML to record and analyze codicological data. Having studied editorial science in the past at FU Berlin, when this technology was still in its beginnings, I was deeply impressed by today’s possibilities of TEI-conformant XML for editing, archiving, and analyzing all kinds of documents. I think this is the future of editing.

In this session I would like to share my impressions on TEI from the workshop in Berlin, show you Oxygen, a program which helps you to program TEI-conformant XML, and show some websites which feature digital editions made with this technology. As I am far from being a specialist in this area, but more like an enthusiastic newcomer, I invite everybody who just wants to get a glimpse of the impressive possibilities. Those who know more and are willing to share their specialist knowledge are very welcome.

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It is still possible to register!

Registration ends May 27, 6:00 pm.

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